His Decision


We’ve all heard of big time trades, but mainly those kind of trades only happen with high-profile, star athletes.  The talk around the sports world lately has been about the trade talks for the New Jersey Nets to acquire Carmelo Anthony.  This would constitute as a big time trade, but what makes it even bigger is the fact that the trade could entail 3 teams and somewhere around 15 players. Really?! Is that necessary?

Carmelo is one of the best players the Denver Nuggets have ever had in franchise history. Carmelo ranks at the top of many categories; however he still wants out.  You’re probably asking yourself, why would he want to leave when he was on top of the world in Denver?  Doesn’t he have it all?  Apparently not, but that is okay.  We all seek for greener grass.

No one can fault Carmelo for wanting to give himself the best chance of winning a title in the NBA. He has been with Denver since he was a rookie, and all he is looking for is the right opportunity, with the right supporting cast.  Denver has tried to bring in players, such as Allen Iverson and Chauncey Billups, but they haven’t been able to help get over the other Western Conference powerhouses.  Does all of this sound familiar?

Carmelo signed a 5 year / $80 Million contract, which ends this season. He will no doubt be making for than that for the next 6 or 7 years to come, but why New Jersey? Is it because they will likely move to Brooklyn in 2 years, or because they have a billionaire for their owner who is willing to spend whatever it takes?  Still, why New Jersey, a team in the Eastern Conference, in the Atlantic Division? I guess Carmelo has his reasons.

In all likelihood it will ultimately be his decision to be traded to New Jersey or some other team; crazier things have happened. But in the end it’ll be his decision, just not ‘The Decision.’



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