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NBA Playoffs

April 17, 2010

The 2009-2010 regular season has come to an end in the NBA, and the playoffs begin this weekend.  While games are spread over three television networks, many will be able to tune in to see the stardom and some potential great match ups.  We will take a look at some key series, and make predictions on all the match ups.

(8) Oklahoma City at (1) Los Angeles

Oklahoma City had a good year, especially with the talent and rising star of Kevin Durant; however he is no Kobe.  With the experience of Phil Jackson at the helm and Kobe Bryant‘s will to win and be the best will be no match for the Thunder.  While many wish the Thunder had a different match-up for the first round, with potential to move deep into the playoffs this year, luck may not have been on their side in the final stretch losing 4 of the last 6 games.

Spotrac Picks: Los Angeles in 5

(8) Chicago at (1) Cleveland

Chicago had a great run in the playoffs last year, but this year will be a different story.  Barely making it into the playoffs to being and the conflicts/news stories about the coach and the general manager the Bulls are not a team that seems poised to enter the playoffs on a good note.  Cleveland, the top team in the league, does not seem to be one to easily give up to the eighth seed.  With many players able to contribute and the off season aquisitions to set them up for a run in the playoffs, the Cavaliers should have no problem moving on.

Spotrac Picks: Cleveland in 4

(5) Utah at (4) Denver

Denver had a really good season in a conference that was tight from the get go.  This four-five match up could be one of those series that you just don’t know what is going to happen.  However, with the recent injuries that Utah has experienced, will the Jazz be able to hold off the Nuggets in a series that is bound to be battle driven.  Will Carmelo be able to lead his team to the second round with a potential 2nd round series with the Lakers?

Spotrac Picks: Denver in 6

(7) San Antonio at (2) Dallas

Rivalry teams of the same state, within miles of each other.  Does anyone expect anything less than exciting? Can Duncan and the Spurs get past this first round match up with Nowitzki and the Mavericks?  While their records are only separated by 5 games, this match up ought to be a series you don’t want to miss.  Duncan is trying to win his fifth Championship, while Nowitzki is trying to return for the second time to the Finals, hoping for a Championship.

Spotrac Picks: San Antonio in 7

(7) Charlotte at (2) Orlando

Orlando worked earlier this season on acquiring players to help them win their first Championship after losing in the NBA Finals last year, and was at the top of the Eastern Conference with no surprises.  Charlotte on the other hand made it into the playoffs in their final few games.  Just because the great Michael Jordan is at the top of the organization, does not mean this team has what it takes to beat a team like Orlando. Howard and Carter will easily move past the Bobcats in this first round match up.

Spotrac Picks: Orlando in 4

Remaining picks

(6) Portand at (3) Phoenix

I think we will see the sixth seed upset the Suns in 6.

(5) Miami at (4) Boston

In a close series Boston will triumph over the Heat in 6 to setup another series with Cleveland.

(6) Milwaukee at (3) Atlanta

Atlanta has been strong all season long and that will not stop in the first round.  Atlanta will win in 5.